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Your very special day is coming up and you may wish to surprise

your guests with your own special dance to the music you

choose which has a sentimental feeling for you both.

What a memory to add to your day. We have even had occasions

where fathers want to join in!

It is all up to you - we are here to help you organise a routine to

fit your music And more importantly to fit you! If you

enjoy it so will your guests - they can join in later.

Together we can do it! Please bring your chosen music with you.

We look forward to hearing from you

Wedding Dances


The following information is for guidance and support to make sure that your first dance is the success your hearts wish for!

1) Choose your music for your dance.This is helpful for your teacher to decide what type of dance style your choice is compatible with.

2) Check your availability for the lessons you wish to book. If you aren't able to attend one of your lessons and it needs altering keep your teacher updated so it can be amended.

3) Inform your dance teacher of  the size of the floor plan with the emphasis on the space available for your first dance.

4) Another suggestion is to maybe wear shoes similar to those you will wear on your special day. This is particularly important for the lady.

Here are some testimonials from the couples who had their Wedding dance                     choreographed by June.